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We make the soundtracks and sounds for every moment you experience in any form of entertainment. With songs placed worldwide for various clients ranging from tv, film or gaming, we try to compose and design emotion through our music and make sure it not only fits your project's brand but will push it to the next level! 

Listen to over 150+ songs already produced

Content Creators can use our music that's available publicly for your own streams or youtube videos! Just slap our credit on your project!
Music Equipment


Got awesome talent? Apply to join our label or library and lets see if we can work together to help you grow even more!

Are you a musician or composer that is looking to get your music placed in our projects? Need to get your music in front of more people and get more exposure?

We are connected to millions of gamers worldwide through our extensive client list and social contacts. Our label offers exposure to your music and helps you get more attention. We are one of the most relaxed labels you will ever find and care about the growth of our signed artists. We offer brand design, management and even a studio for recording.

Choose this option if you already have a demo reel and want to share it with us for consideration to our label. We sign new indie artists, bands, soundtrack composers and any range of
experience level. We want to help you grow and of course make money! This option includes potential budget management, agency agreements and potential profits.
Looking to get your music in front of millions of potential gamers from around the world? Already have produced music but just want to get out in front of all the noise and get heard? We might be able to help you there! The "Library" is our database of usable music for our in house projects. If your music is used, it will be tagged for all to see including direct links to your work. This keeps things easy for everyone. You make music that needs listeners, we help drive traffic to it.

Apply to this section if you are ready to get your songs in our system and get new potential attention. This option is all about exposure using our handshake system. We don't pay for it, but we offer tons of exposure while you offer us music to help distribute to the masses in our own personal projects keeping the portfolio diverse. This system works great with getting more attention and also has the potential to yield in-game perks or profits.

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