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STARS AND EMPIRES is our very own MMO currently in early development. It's being designed to handle hundreds of thousands of players in one massive persistent area of space all at once with constantly shifting borders, evolving action and unpredictable events. In essence, the game itself is alive.

The story has incredible depth as it's based on our very own IRL tv show already scripted. We hope to have players able to explore new areas of space, colonize and live anywhere and help push the boundaries of the Federation by building and exploring.

The game allows players to play however they wish, at a rapid pace or more casual with no end to its purpose. Build, trade, setup a store, dominate the markets, craft weapons or do contract work for other players and corporations. Play however you want. The end game is always expanding and evolving allowing players to push the boundaries like never before.

If you would like to learn more about this game of ours you can visit the website directly at 

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